About us

Robotic d.o.o. is a company that produces electric and electronic equipment for motorized vehicles. We also produce devices and electronic components (circuits) for data processing based on innovations of high quality and superior characteristics. In addition to producing hardware components, we also develop software solutions necessary for operating and functioning of innovative products. All our products are produced in compliance with customer needs, rules, laws and international norms of security and quality. High standards and quality ensured that company has received certificates in multiple categories:

  • E-mark – automotive safety (ECE 10.03; 72/245/EEC + 2006/96/EC)
  • CE -safety of electronic products

The company currently uses the following machines and equipment:

  • DEK Horizon Screen printer – machine for applying the paste on printed boards with help of the template
  • Nutel Laser Marker – machine for laser marking of printed boards
  • Nutek Board Handling – a group of machines for automated transmission of materials through the process of the manufacturing
  • Fuji Aimex – machine for ultrafast laying of electronic components on printed boards executed in superficial technology
  • SMT Reflow – flow-through convection soldering oven
  • Mirtec AOI – a device for automated optical inspection of lined assemblies